Farewell to the Bukisa Index – Hello Google Adsense Revenue Share

I’ve had a Bukisa account since the site first launched. I haven’t made a whole heap of money but I’ve made several payouts and most of that is passive as I haven’t spent a lot of time there since the first month or two.

How much can you make on Bukisa?

I’ve made $148 since early 2009 with about $99.00 coming from my own content. I really only put up content (51 articles) in the first few months and have done very little since then.

Up until now, Bukisa has run on the Bukisa Index, a fee for every 1000 page views. I recently discovered that Bukisa was changing to a Google Adsense revenue model.

Bukisa Google Revenue Sharing – Good or Bad?

I think the Google revenue share is, for me, better.


  1. I have an established Google account.
  2. I have a successful track record of making money with Google Adsense.
  3. I have articles on decent high-paying topics.

Those who aren’t happy with this tend to be those who haven’t yet discovered how to profit from Google Adsense or those who don’t have a Google Adsense account.

If you’re not yet an Adsense publisher, you’ve got until the end of January 2011 before the Bukisa Index ceases to exist. If you’re reading this in December, you do have time to act so that you can transition into the program. I’ll post next on how to get approved for Google Adsense. If you’re reading this after the Index has stopped paying out, you can get approved for Google Adsense within several weeks — if you do it right.

If you haven’t yet joined Bukisa, feel free to join so you can make money writing for Bukisa.
For more info for members, visit the Bukisa Google announcement when logged into your account. (If you’re not a member, join using the banner in this post). It’s easy to link your Bukisa account to your Google account and you can add Bukisa as a URL channel to your Adsense reporting so you can see where your earnings are coming from.

How will this affect Bukisa referral earnings?

CloudCrowd Update – Get Notified for New Projects

If you haven’t signed up for CloudCrowd yet, there’s still work to be done! You can work right on Facebook as and when you want (so long as there’s available work) and get paid the next day. In my first day on CloudCrowd I made $22 and was paid in the next 24 hours by PayPal but since then I keep missing the available assignments. I logged in today to see that they now notify you via email when you subscribe to be alerted about new projects.

Another great thing is that I earned $1.07 yesterday without working because people who have signed up under me did some work. My earnings comes from CloudCrowd’s end, not from the people in my personal crowd. So conceivably, as long as you refer people, you can earn money.

The work on CloudCrowd:

CloudCrowd tasks vary. Some of them are: grading website reviews, rewriting poorly written text, categorizing websites, etc. The way I see it, if you’re on Facebook several times a day anyway, you’d might as well get paid for it 🙂 Join CloudCrowd 🙂

HubPages Challenge – Can You Make 30 Hubs in 30 Days?

While you’ll find many places to post content online, not all of them get loads of traffic and not all of them compensate you for your efforts. HubPages is one of the places that can do both.There are many places to get your work written work online. There are content-hungry directories and places where you can list your articles for sale. Some offer profit-sharing (eg Squidoo) and some don’t (eg EzineArticles). HubPages has some great revenue-earning potential and if you’re doing internet marketing, you can use it as a great SEO tool as well.

HubPages offers multiple ways to make income such as: Google, Yahoo, etc. They’ll allow you to post affiliate links but few and far between, as they want the articles / hubs to be of high value rather than just a link building tool. “Self-serving” links are discouraged and more than 2 per Hub are disallowed.

So what’s so great about HubPages? The income!

If you make your hubs extensive resources of information, they can get a lot of traffic. They rank really well in se’s. Take your article and then spend time to optimise it for high search volume, and for low google pagerank competition and based on high AdSense revenue words (you’ll find plenty of resources to help you learn these things!). My own hubs bring in a monthly income that nets in 4 figures in pounds sterling each year (closer to 5 figures when you convert to US Dollars!). Then there’s the eBay sales, Amazon sales, and link value. After a year, I’m seeing steady income and traffic. Some Hubs do take a while to mature and get good traffic and not all topics will be wildly popular but several of my hubs have been featured and gotten a lot of comments and attention from the community. Ready to go? You can sign up here or continue reading.

One of the ways to ensure you maximise your HubPage potential is to learn (if you don’t already know) how to publicise your work with social media tools, and backlink building. But, the best bit of all is that they’ve created a new program to get people signed up, helped along the way, and off to a flying start in the potential earning stakes.


The “HubChallenge” was the brainchild of The Keyword Academy’s Courtney Tuttle. They endorse HubPages and can (for a fee) teach how to maximize earning potential. So HubPages have set up a small team of very experienced Hubbers (me included), to get people participating and creating the target of 30 Hubs in 30 Days. It’s simply that figures run by HubPages show that many Hubs will give you the critical mass to have a good income potential to build on.

Thirty hubs in a month is a committment and many Hubbers find the discipline to producing a piece of work every day is a great motivator.Some write for days (or even weeks!) then publish them all together. You might have unsold work lying around that can make a great Hub. The HubChallenge team will help and support both individually and via the Forum for the challenge.

As a passive income stream, you should definitely consider Signing up here – . By using this link you’ll get tagged to inform me of your signup via the system and then I will be in touch to help, as part of the HubChallenge team. I’m happy to get you started and productive within the HubPages system so you don’t have to work through the learning curve.

Beyond writing hubs for fun, and for profit (it is a lot of fun, by the way!) I write and publish a LOT of client Hubs, so part of my writing business now consist of making Hubs on a paid basis for clients. That’s a little like having your cake AND eating it. Yum!

Guest post by Julie-Ann Amos

Make Money at WebAnswers

If you like doling out advice and enjoy sites like Yahoo Answers but would like to make some cash for your efforts, WebAnswers could be a great place to supplement your income. The site is filled with questions and answers. You can ask questions and get help or you could answer questions and make money.

How WebAnswers Pays

Once you’ve either had 2 answers chosen as ‘best’, or answered 10 questions, the system will prompt you to either add a Google Adsense ID or sign up for a Google Adsense account.

WebAnswers pays you a percentage of the Google Adsense revenue for the pages in which your answer was chosen as best answer. When you’ve got the earnings on a page, it makes good sense to promote that page! Anyone who is on the page and who clicks a Google Ad could earn you money. Learn more by joining WebAnswers.

How does Google Adsense work?

You get paid per click and in some cases, per impression. Google pays you via check or direct deposit when your account exceeds $100.00. Google pays monthly. Reaching $100 in July would get you paid by the end of August.

Making Money at Vinefire – Is it a Gamble?

Vinefire is a website that promises to pay you if it gets bought up by a bigger company. So, it’s a gamble. You could spend hours every day promoting on the site and it could land you nowhere. It could flop. So, since Vinefire is being very up front and honest about this, why are so many people giving it a whirl? What if Vinefire is a scam? It can’t really be scam if they’re not making any promises, right?

Vinefire Marketing

What is Vinefire? It’s a simple page filled with links. People visit to promote their links and they read the other links present. Others who offer money making advice are posting plenty of links on this page so while you play and see if you’ll earn money, you could be presented with other online money making opportunities and other interesting articles to read. Could some of them be scams? Sure, they could. Let the buyer be ware!

How much money could you make at Vinefire?

  • You can earn up to $25 a day plus earn for referrals.
  • Click on links and you could earn: $0.23 per link
  • Vote on a link and you’ll earn $0.08 (either for a vote up or down.) The most popular links stay on the home page so there’s a cream rising to the top mentality (although some could cheat the system by signing up for multiple accounts for the purpose of voting or setting up GPT schemes and having their email list vote up their own links for points per click)
  • Clicking on Sponsor links earns you $0.90
  • And if you sign other people up you’ll earn 50% referral rates plus a $10 signup bonus.

Sounds like Vinefire has come up with a great idea. They’ll make money from their sponsored links guaranteed…and you aren’t guaranteed to get paid unless they sell the company. If they do sell the company, you could do well and in the meantime, you’ll get to promote your links and you could learn about other potentially lucrative opportunities. Sure, it’s a gamble but I’m curious enough to visit occasionally and participate so I can see how this plays out. If you’re interested, check out Vinefire.

It could be disheartening to see your account sitting at hundreds of dollars so try to think of it as participation in a fun experiment that isn’t likely to pay and then if Vinefire does pay, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Work at Home Typing Job Info

If you’re interested in finding a work at home job doing typing or data entry, you’ll see a lot of advertisements for this.

Here at the work at home blog, we aim to provide helpful info. We display potential money making opportunities as well but believe people need to be aware of exactly what they’re getting into before they buy into a program to help them work from their home.

Be very careful about many of the typing jobs listed as a real work at home opportunity. Many of them are in fact opportunities but can be a bit misleading as they are not what they seem. This doesn’t mean that they’re not legitimate work at home opportunities but in order to decide if they’re worth pursuing you should learn more about what they entail.

What you ‘think’ a work at home typing job may be:

You might expect a company to be willing to pay you to do typing for them. Data entry jobs and other work at home admin jobs are out there. What you might notice in the ads is that some of these advertisements say that you can make a small fortune typing short ads. What this is, is called pay-per-click advertising.

Sure, you type ads but generally, no one is paying you to do it. In fact, you’re paying to post those ads. This type of job is a commission based affiliate marketing job that requires you to pay for sponsored Google advertisements advertising a product or service. If people click the ad and buy something, you make a commission. Sounds pretty good, right? Well it definitely can be and there are a lot of people making a great income at this but there’s a definite risk here. You’re going to have to pay for the advertisements and there is no guarantee of income because you only make money if people buy from you. Pay-per-click advertising is competitive and expensive.

Are there real typing jobs?

Of course there are companies looking for virtual assistants and administrative help. More companies than ever are utilising remote workforces. Some call center jobs and data entry jobs do pay an hourly wage for people to work from home doing mostly typing but you have to be very careful to read the fine print and know precisely what you are signing up for.

Affiliate marketing definitely offers a great opportunity to make money online and develop passive income streams but it is something that is pure commission-based instead of being salary- based and by doing it, you’re working for yourself instead of working for a company.

Sure, there are books and programs you can buy that can teach you how to turn typing ads into a potential income but for those looking for data entry jobs from home, they need to realise that affiliate marketing and pay per click advertising is not the same thing as a typical online data entry job.

If you’re interested in learning more about work at home job opportunities such as data entry and call center jobs, dig through our archives as we list many real wah leads. If you’re interested in your own home- based business through something like affiliate marketing, my friend Matt Bredel has recently launched his new Tru-Guru program which is a money-back guarantee membership-based program that can teach you everything you want to know about earning money at home with your computer step by step through video tutorials, cheat sheets, and more so that you can become a true guru at making money on the net.

Whether you want to work for someone else or work for yourself, the work at home lifestyle definitely has some perks!

Make Passive Income With Flixya

Flixya is a site that allows you to

  • upload videos,
  • write blog posts,
  • and share photos

These actions can enable you to earn Google Adsense revenue from the site. It’s free to join and you need to use your own Google Adsense account in order to get paid.

Signing Up For Adsense

Apply to sign up for Adsense by visiting http://www.google.com/adsense and filling out the application. If you want to increase your chances of being approved, start a blog somewhere and write several quality posts over a few week period first. Google won’t accept all applications, particularly if they don’t know why you want an account.

If You’ve Got An Adsense Account Already

If you already have a Google Adsense account, your Flixya profile will enable you to link it. Many sites offer revenue sharing services for those who submit content but Flixya offers 100% of your revenue on your articles. My guess is that there are enough public areas of the site earning decent Google revenue to make this profitable enough that Flixya doens’t have to claw back any of your earnings.

How Often Can You Get Paid for Flixya Participation?

The great thing about this revenue model is that Google pays you directly so you can add several Google Adsense blogs and sites and revenue sharing sites together to meet your minimum payout level of $100.00. When your Google account reaches $100 you’ll receive payment the following month via bank transfer to your account or via paper cheque sent through the mail. So you don’t have to wait until Flixya earns you $100 on its own because it combines with the Adsense revenue you earn from other sites like Blogger, your self-hosted WordPress blogs, and HubPages.

How Much Will You Earn?

Those who put together their content with optimised SEO writing way as well as those who work hard to ensure their content gets plenty of social marketing can find that this could be a great passive income opportunity. You could earn pennies to start with but that money could keep coming long after you’ve published something on the site.

<3>How Much Can You Make With Google Adsense?

There are no set rates for making money with Google Adsense. It literally has unlimited earning potential. Varying factors determine how much ads are worth and your earnings can vary and build momentum over time depending on various things such as search engine optimization of your articles, the quantity of articles, and the subjects you’ve written about. Videos are particularly popular today too so you could earn a very decent income if your Flixya video goes viral.

Learning all you can about what ranks well and pays well is going to help you make a decent amount of passive income with Flixya.


Do be careful that your content and actions don’t go against Google Adsense TOS (terms of service) otherwise your account could be terminated and your earnings forfeited. Google has very smart security checks in place that enable them to discover click fraud in a heartbeat so it’s very wise to familiarise yourself with how to manage your account properly so that you don’t risk being banned.

Work at Home Payments: Setting Up PayPal

When you earn money online, PayPal is one of the easiest ways to get paid. It is the defacto standard for those who make money online in terms of getting paid quickly and easily.

Setting it up is easy and getting paid is as easy as someone using your designated PayPal e-mail address. When someone pays you, the system walks them through a process and there isn’t a PayPal account number to be concerned with. They simply allocate the payment to the address you provided PayPal with when you set up your account. When someone pays you, you’ll get an e-mail notification at the same address.

There are things you should know about a PayPal account and here are some basic tips and PayPal FAQ’s for beginners:

Personal PayPal Accounts

Basic / personal accounts are free. You don’t have to pay any fees from amounts you are paid. As soon as you exceed a dollar value received per month and / or someone attempts to pay you with a credit card, your account needs to be upgraded to a Premier account. When that happens, you’ll pay a % of every payment.

Everyone is allowed (per PayPal Terms of Service) to have two accounts so it is advantageous to keep a basic account and sign up for a premium account as well. A lot of people start off with a Personal account and upgrade (or start a second account) later on.

Premier PayPal Accounts

The premier account will require you to pay a fee. This ranges depending on several factors including:

  • What type of payment is made to you (cash payment or credit card)
  • The amount of the transaction
  • Where the payment is coming from (Some countries have surcharges on payments)

When you receive your payment, you’ll get a notice via email either that:

  1. You have new funds
  2. Funds are on the way

When you have new funds, the money is in your account (minus any fees) and you can use it to spend online, transfer to your bank account, or you can request that a cheque be sent to you.

How long does it take for PayPal payments to transfer to your bank?

When you transfer it to your bank account, the transaction typically takes 2-3 days (although PayPal stipulates up to 10 business days). You’ll probably notice a pattern after a few transfers that tell you how long your bank takes to receive the money and what time the funds usually arrive.

If you receive a notice that tells you funds are on the way, someone has sent you an e-check. E-checks can take up to a few weeks to clear and all you can do is wait for a notification from PayPal that says the funds cleared.

Setting up your bank account on PayPal
You can set up a bank account easily. You provide PayPal with your bank information and then wait a few days. You’ll see two amounts (below $1.00 each) deposited into your bank account. When those amounts arrive, you simply log in to PayPal and confirm the amounts received. PayPal does this so they can determine they have your correct banking information for future deposits.

PayPal Bank Withdrawals

If you attempt to pay an invoice that you don’t have the funds for, it will initiate an e-check from your primary bank account in the PayPal system so it’s important to be careful when making payments. If you live in Canada or the UK and you have an available balance in your US funds account, you’ll need to move money between currencies to purchase something online or make a payment in another currency otherwise, it will initiate an e-check.

If you live in the U.S, PayPal will give you a debit card that allows you to make purchases or withdrawals from an ATM bank machine. You can also make withdrawals to your own bank account.

Beyond the fees you pay when you receive your money, if you transfer a small amount of money to your bank account (under $150.00) you’ll also be charged a transaction fee of $0.50. This is removed from your transfer fee.

PayPal Payments

If you try to make a payment in a currency for which you have a zero balance, an e-check can be initiated and this can take weeks to clear and your bank may have service charges if the e-check cannot be processed due to insufficient funds.

While PayPal does have fees, this service is definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to work at home and make money with their computer. It’s a fast and safe way to make and receive payments.

You can run plenty of reports from PayPal to help you with your records and they have other tools such as invoicing tools as well. Once you do get a lot of money happening in your account, they also offer PayPal merchant services and you can benefit from a lot of tools to help your online business run smoothly.