How To Become A Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionist jobs are a popular work at home job for many reasons. Not only can this be a good paying and interesting job but it can be very flexible because you can work at your own pace. Working at home can offer great flexibility, especially if you have small children at home.

How to become a medical transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists need to know more than just how to type quickly. They need to understand medical terminology (which can take time and training) and some basic information about procedures as well as record keeping and government guidelines. There are a lot of accredited transcription courses available either on campus or online.

When looking for a reputable campus based or online transcription school, you first want to be sure it is accredited and recognized. You also may consider looking at transcription companies to see what their preferences are. Some companies work specifically with schools for student placement. You’ll want statistics from the school you’re looking at about the placement rate as well.

Various companies have differing requirements as to how much experience they want so talk to the schools you’re looking at to determine whether or not they have a high success rate. Course fees can vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars so be sure you do your homework to ensure you’ve chosen the right school that can prepare and groom you for a successful career as a medical transcriptionist.

How much money does a medical transcriptionist make?

Transcriptionists in the medical industry can work at home or in medical offices and hospitals and pay can range from pennies per word transcribed to dollars per page based on a flat fee basis, depending on the client. You can potentially earn an average of $15/hourly as a beginner doing medical transcription and rates will vary depending on whether you’re working for a transcription agency or directly for a doctor.

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Call Center WAH Job Options

When you call a company and end up speaking with a call center, you might be talking to someone who is working from home. Call center jobs are increasingly popular in the wah space. Whether it’s cold calling or taking orders, many companies will hire telecommuters.

  • Pizza order takers
  • Hotel reservation bookings
  • Rent a car bookings
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Virtual assistants

The above are just some of the jobs available. How do you find out which companies are hiring home-based call center reps? Many online resources exist to help you find work at home jobs. For instance, some companies are hiring regularly in Canada for wah call centre jobs such as: Contract XChange, Telepros and Advantis and Toucan.

Many call center jobs will let you work split shifts so you can be available to get your kids to school or off the school bus. Some will allow late night positions as well so you can work from home part-time during the evening. Some programs do require training and training may or may not be paid and may require you to pay for training so be very careful of scams. Tehre are many legitimate companies out there but if you’re not sure whether something is legit, do check online for WAH reviews about the company.

Why Are There So Many Work At Home Scams?

Work at home ads are a dime a dozen and many of them are work at home scams. You’ll see stuffing envelopes or MLM advertisements offline and online trying to get you to send money for information or to buy into a mlm catalogue scheme. The reason why there are so many wah scams is that there are people that fall for it so the snake oil salesmen keep trying to sell their wares.

Seems so unfair that people are preying on people who are already desperate to raise their income. Not all programs are scams but it takes a discerning eye to find the ones that are legit.

When you decide you want to get into a wahm or wah program, research the company and think twice and think hard before you spend money to join a program. There are guides for a fee that will give you secrets and resources and these can be safe if they’re established and offer a money back guarantee. What you might want to stay away from are the programs that don’t give you a guarantee and that promise quick schemes to get rich. GEt rich quick isn’t likely in the online world. You can get rich but you’ll need to take the time to do some research, learning and put in some effort.

In summary, carefully research any work at home plans or programs that will cost you money. There are some that are worthy but there are also wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

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Does He Need To Act Like Such An A-Hole?

Check out The Rich Jerk’s pitch page. Talk about cocky! Sure sounds like he’s made money though…

Real Tips for Using Your Computer to Create A New Career

There are a lot of opportunities for home based businesses. Some people think the dot com boom is over but there are still many opportunities to take advantage of. But how to you get started? There are a lot of websites dedicated to home based business reviews to help you learn all about what is out there for making money online. Depending on what you’re interested in doing and what time and financial commitments and goals you have, you can find many opportunities that suit those purposes. Here are a few examples of ways some people are making money part – time and full – time.

Type at Home Programs

Type at home programs require you to type up advertisements and you’ll get a commission if someone buys based on your advertisement. This can be expensive but can also be very lucrative if you understand copywriting secrets and can choose some profitable niches. Beware that you don’t spend more than you can earn. It might be best to start off with something that doesn’t require a major investment at first and these programs can require some hefty advertising fees.

Google Adsense

You can make money online with many affiliate marketing and advertising programs. Google will pay you based on advertising dollars when people click on their ads. You can set up blogs and websites about particular topics and make money from Google. When you visit a website and there are advertisements available, someone is paying to display those ads and someone is getting paid for each click. You can start a blog for free so this is a great way to start making money with no investment other than your time.


ClickBank offers digital products such as e-books and site memberships for expertise and knowledge and you can sell these products on your websites and make a commission. If you aren’t into selling, this can still be a great opportunity as you can simply direct people to the websites where these products are sold and make anywhere up to 75% commission for doing so.

Commission Junction, PepperJam Network and Others

You can display ads for companies on your website or blog and make commission from them as well. Some sites can be developed for multiple streams of income with products being sold and advertisements as well.

But you don’t even need a website for many programs through affiliate marketing programs; you can simply direct people to the right place through numerous things like e-mail marketing, hubs and lenses, newsletters and social media websites. There are a lot of ways to make money online and a lot of gurus who are willing to show you the ropes so you don’t have to learn the hard way and suffer through months of waiting for commission checks to come in.

As you can see, there are a lot of products that can help you make money online. You can find affiliate marketing programs like NetWebVideo and others to teach you the basics as well as help you go from basic to advanced and kick your earnings level up a notch or two.

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More SAHMs Convert To WAHMs

In this day and age of rising costs of living it’s more and more difficult for a family to have a parent at home full time without an income. More stay at home Moms (SAHM) than ever are now looking to become WAHMs (work at home moms.) There are also a lot of SAHD’s / WAHD’s (at home Dads) as well.

Beyond home sales programs like Mary Kay or Avon or MLM programs like Amway many women are deciding to do professional careers from their home offices while they enjoy being there for their children. Many work part time and full time from home making as much money as they did outside the home with the added benefit of saving on childcare and having flexibility.

Many find that they need child care at least part of the time because their work at home careers keep them busy enough to warrant it. Some elect to do part time day care or Montessori programs for their kids or have a mother’s helper in for a few hours a day to lend a hand.

With professional virtual assistant and freelance jobs available, there are more options than ever. Peruse through our archives for information about many work at home jobs.


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