CloudCrowd Update – Get Notified for New Projects

If you haven’t signed up for CloudCrowd yet, there’s still work to be done! You can work right on Facebook as and when you want (so long as there’s available work) and get paid the next day. In my first day on CloudCrowd I made $22 and was paid in the next 24 hours by PayPal but since then I keep missing the available assignments. I logged in today to see that they now notify you via email when you subscribe to be alerted about new projects.

Another great thing is that I earned $1.07 yesterday without working because people who have signed up under me did some work. My earnings comes from CloudCrowd’s end, not from the people in my personal crowd. So conceivably, as long as you refer people, you can earn money.

The work on CloudCrowd:

CloudCrowd tasks vary. Some of them are: grading website reviews, rewriting poorly written text, categorizing websites, etc. The way I see it, if you’re on Facebook several times a day anyway, you’d might as well get paid for it 🙂 Join CloudCrowd 🙂

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