HubPages Challenge – Can You Make 30 Hubs in 30 Days?

While you’ll find many places to post content online, not all of them get loads of traffic and not all of them compensate you for your efforts. HubPages is one of the places that can do both.There are many places to get your work written work online. There are content-hungry directories and places where you can list your articles for sale. Some offer profit-sharing (eg Squidoo) and some don’t (eg EzineArticles). HubPages has some great revenue-earning potential and if you’re doing internet marketing, you can use it as a great SEO tool as well.

HubPages offers multiple ways to make income such as: Google, Yahoo, etc. They’ll allow you to post affiliate links but few and far between, as they want the articles / hubs to be of high value rather than just a link building tool. “Self-serving” links are discouraged and more than 2 per Hub are disallowed.

So what’s so great about HubPages? The income!

If you make your hubs extensive resources of information, they can get a lot of traffic. They rank really well in se’s. Take your article and then spend time to optimise it for high search volume, and for low google pagerank competition and based on high AdSense revenue words (you’ll find plenty of resources to help you learn these things!). My own hubs bring in a monthly income that nets in 4 figures in pounds sterling each year (closer to 5 figures when you convert to US Dollars!). Then there’s the eBay sales, Amazon sales, and link value. After a year, I’m seeing steady income and traffic. Some Hubs do take a while to mature and get good traffic and not all topics will be wildly popular but several of my hubs have been featured and gotten a lot of comments and attention from the community. Ready to go? You can sign up here or continue reading.

One of the ways to ensure you maximise your HubPage potential is to learn (if you don’t already know) how to publicise your work with social media tools, and backlink building. But, the best bit of all is that they’ve created a new program to get people signed up, helped along the way, and off to a flying start in the potential earning stakes.


The “HubChallenge” was the brainchild of The Keyword Academy’s Courtney Tuttle. They endorse HubPages and can (for a fee) teach how to maximize earning potential. So HubPages have set up a small team of very experienced Hubbers (me included), to get people participating and creating the target of 30 Hubs in 30 Days. It’s simply that figures run by HubPages show that many Hubs will give you the critical mass to have a good income potential to build on.

Thirty hubs in a month is a committment and many Hubbers find the discipline to producing a piece of work every day is a great motivator.Some write for days (or even weeks!) then publish them all together. You might have unsold work lying around that can make a great Hub. The HubChallenge team will help and support both individually and via the Forum for the challenge.

As a passive income stream, you should definitely consider Signing up here – . By using this link you’ll get tagged to inform me of your signup via the system and then I will be in touch to help, as part of the HubChallenge team. I’m happy to get you started and productive within the HubPages system so you don’t have to work through the learning curve.

Beyond writing hubs for fun, and for profit (it is a lot of fun, by the way!) I write and publish a LOT of client Hubs, so part of my writing business now consist of making Hubs on a paid basis for clients. That’s a little like having your cake AND eating it. Yum!

Guest post by Julie-Ann Amos

Use Free Blogs to Make Money Online

Can you make money with free blogs? You betcha! Here are some ways and blogs that you can use:


A blogspot blog is almost as useful as a blog on your own domain. It’s easily customizable and you can add widgets and monetization tools as well as ads and banners that can make you money through: ad displays, ad networks, paid links, affiliate links, and paid to blog posts. You can even make it look like an online store.


While doesn’t let you put ads, you can use it like a link building tool as well as to showcase your professional services. Many use blogs to direct traffic elsewhere and as an online resume / portfolio

Blog Networks

There are blog networks like that are free to join and pay you $2.00 per 1000 page views as well as commission on revenue-sharing programs.

A blog like the one at the Inspired Author community lets you monetize your blog individually plus promotes your blog and your articles for you on your main page. This is a great spot for writers and those who want to get paid to write articles.

(Check out this article on why you should blog at Inspired Author)

While starting your own blog is inexpensive and easy (and very effective as a monetization and SEO tool) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also take advantage of the many free blog platforms and networks that are out there. Making money online is something that can be done by many methods and the more streams of income you can develop, the better you’ll be able to do!