More SAHMs Convert To WAHMs

In this day and age of rising costs of living it’s more and more difficult for a family to have a parent at home full time without an income. More stay at home Moms (SAHM) than ever are now looking to become WAHMs (work at home moms.) There are also a lot of SAHD’s / WAHD’s (at home Dads) as well.

Beyond home sales programs like Mary Kay or Avon or MLM programs like Amway many women are deciding to do professional careers from their home offices while they enjoy being there for their children. Many work part time and full time from home making as much money as they did outside the home with the added benefit of saving on childcare and having flexibility.

Many find that they need child care at least part of the time because their work at home careers keep them busy enough to warrant it. Some elect to do part time day care or Montessori programs for their kids or have a mother’s helper in for a few hours a day to lend a hand.

With professional virtual assistant and freelance jobs available, there are more options than ever. Peruse through our archives for information about many work at home jobs.


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