Demand Studios Now Hiring Canadian Writers and UK Writers

I signed up to get paid to write articles for Demand Studios in 2008. They offer an all-you-can-write buffet for writers where you can get paid to write articles ranging in fees from $3-$75 per article plus revenue sharing options. I got accepted. But then I realised they accepted my application in error because they only hired US writers. Sad face 🙁

I left my account in tact. It allowed me to get updates relevant to writing for DS and I knew that there was a chance that they’d eventually let their friends to the North in. Today I got an alert on the WAHM writers forum which led me to Deb Ng’s freelance writing jobs blog and sure enough, today was my lucky day.

I emailed Demand Studio’s Help Desk and they tweaked my existing account to reflect my Canadian status and voila! I can now get paid to write articles for sites like Ehow and others. At the moment my freelance writing and web marketing service business is smokin’ busy but it’s great to have DS as a gap-filler.

Make Money On Xomba

If you’re trying to make money from home, you should look for as many passive income streams as possible. You should also look for some ways to socially promote your passive income efforts. I’ve recently learned about Xomba which seems to provide a great way to do both.

Make Money From Home Through Xomba

Xomba is a site I recently joined that has a few benefits. First, it shares Google Adsense with you 50/50. Second, it pays you an additional 10% of revenue through referrals. Third, it provides a great way to showcase other work of yours online. You can write Xombytes (articles) or Xomblurbs (social bookmarks) that can bring you traffic to your other revenue-generating sites. I’ve only been dabbling for a bit but am already getting some page impressions. Check out Xomba here. Don’t be afraid to sign up through a referral code as you won’t lose any of your earnings and after you’ve signed up, you can refer others and earn from their contributions.

The more passive income streams, the better and again, this site does two things for you because you can socially bookmark your online articles such as: your Bukisa articles, your eHow articles as well as promote your other online work as well.

3 Passive Income Writing Sites

If you like to write articles, you can make some decent income at it. My friend Maria makes about $1,500 a month on eHow. I’m not in the U.S. so can’t participate in eHow yet (I’m hopeful they’ll some day change that!) but I have other programs I do participate in such as:


Bukisa wants your how to articles and videos and you’ll make $3.95 per 1000 page views. I started with this site in October and have already hit payout.


I’m still learning about Yuwie but there’s lots to do in this social community so I’m checking it out. Not only do you get paid page views for things people do on your pages but for your own pages as well. The only downside I see so far is a LOT of ads to sift through and this comes up sometimes when I want to do something so having to bypass ads is slightly annoying.


InfoBarrel is a lot like Bukisa or eHow but the site offers Adsense revenue sharing instead of per page view rates so this looks like it has the same type of potential as eHow which means you can make a lot of money. You can also see how much money you’ll make because you track it through your own Adsense account.

Making money through passive income streams works great because you can write something today that pays you indefinitely. In 2006 I wrote an article about a particular topic on a shared revenue site and it went viral and is still paying me about $30 a month via Google Adsense almost 3 years later!

3 Ways to Work at Home Writing For

Are you making money yet with ehow? Here are three ways that writers can make cash from the website.

All of these options have the potential for great earnings. You’ll probably have to pick one of these, though because you’ll be unable to use all three due to non-compete clauses. I have opinions on which program is best which I share below.

Good Option: Get Paid to Work With WRG

Writer’s Research Group is a writing company that will pay you to write eHow articles due to their contract with Demand Studios. I worked for them for several months in 2007 and ghostwrote about 70-80 articles for the website. They were a professional company but it took me about 3 months to get my first pay. You can get paid to write how-to articles through them and they have other clients as well but whn you write for WRG but must sign a non-compete clause. Writers should be VERY careful about signing non-compete clauses as it can seriously hamper your earning potential in the future. If you’re not in the U.S, this can be a good option for you to earn money writing.

Better: Work With Demand Studios Directly

Demand Studios owns and will pay writers to write directly for them. They have a self-serve system where you can claim titles and submit your own ideas and they pay weekly via PayPal. I was accepted into this program after I left WRG, but luckily realised I wasn’t really eligible due to being Canadian before I submitted my first article.

BEST: Passive Income With The eHow Writer Compensation Program

The eHow Writer’s Compensation Program (WCP) is a system that enables you to do revenue sharing by writing your own articles. You get to put your own name on them also so these are NOT ghostwritten. I’d love to make money this way but it’s for Americans only (at least for the moment.) You can still write on the program if you’re non-U.S but you won’t get paid directly.

It can be good for high profile clips or to help you promote your other websites. If you use it now and they open up beyond their borders later, you’d be set to earn some cash. Because this site is a highly ranked site, it can help you get a lot of traffic!

How much can you earn?

Demand Studios doesn’t divulge the % or formula so you’re writing similarly to writing for Google Adsense where they keep the formula secret to maintain the integrity of the system. The great thing about the eHow writer compensation program is that instead of writing and getting paid once, you can write something once and earn from it for ever and ever. You do need to write the right way in order to maximise your earning potential, though…

That means you’ll need to learn a bit about hot trends to write on subjects that have good earning potential and you’ll want to learn a bit about search engine optimisation (SEO) as well.

When I wrote for WRG, I wrote some titles that I’m sure would have earned me a lot of money had I written them for the writer’s compensation program instead. They are coming up in the search engines regularly near the top (or at the top) of Google’s results even today. I now know that the $10 per article I earned could have earned me hundreds of dollars by now.

Learn to Maximise the Writer’s Compensation Program’s Potential:

My writing friend MariaO’Brien wrote an ebook on how to make money through this program. She’s been doing it for several months and is making over $1,000 a month now from the program, mostly through residuals. The longer you do this, the less effort it takes because articles you wrote six months ago could be gaining momentum.

I just finished reading her e-book and highly recommend it! Check out the book. Maria has spent a lot of time perfecting her methods and shares those methods in this book.

The great thing about this program is that taking ten minutes to write an article now could earn you money indefinitely. I once wrote a blog post for a shared revenue blog that took me literally 2 minutes to write and since late 2006 it has been earning me $20-$30 a month in Google Adsense revenue ever since and I’m not even getting all the revenue from it! I can only daydream about how much I’d have earned by now if it were on considering their high monetization and traffic results! That’s why this program is so awesome. You get to capitalise on e-how’s Google juice to get maximum exposure for your articles which could have some great results.

Make Money Writing How-To Articles At HowHub

Interested in getting paid to write how-to articles? Like eHow, HowHub is willing to share advertising revenue with writers willing to write how-to articles. If you join HowHub, you can make 50% of Adsense earnings. Your Adsense publisher ID is used directly in your profile and you can upload as many how-to articles as you’d like. HowHub has publishing guidelines and they do check all articles before they go live.

Will this be a big moneymaker such as eHow? Hard to say but How-To’s are a HOT niche and trend as more and more people look to the Internet in order to do it themselves.

My Opinion:

Making multiple streams of passive income is a great way to make money online from home and a site like this could net you earnings months after you’ve taken the time to write the article. It doesn’t hurt to join the site and try it for a while to see if you make any money at it. If it doesn’t pan out, you can continue writing for sites like eHow, HubPages, Squidoo or do your own ad-driven content websites.

If you’d like to join HubHow, click here