Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

How do you find freelance writing jobs? This post will give you several tips to help you become a successful freelancer.

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writers do all sorts of writing. Online writing is a pretty lucrative business if you’re good at it. You can write web site content, blog posts, e-books, white papers, newsletters and more and you can get paid per word, paid per project or get paid per hour.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make?

Freelance writers can make a penny to a dollar a word. Some less, some more depending on the type of work and expertise you’ve got. Many freelance writers start off dabbling and can quickly earn a full time income writing for the web. Some companies pay via PayPal and others do direct debit or send a check to you for your efforts on demand, weekly or monthly.

How Do You Get Started With Freelance Writing?

Visit freelance writer mentoring blogs, job sites and online writer communities for some more help and information. Once you’ve got some samples and built a bit of an online portfolio through a blog, through free article sites and by writing, you can find general or niche writing work.

Helpful Resources:

Home Job Group. Placement Assistance

Learn To Write Ebooks

Legit Online Work At Home Jobs

Make Fast Money Online for Christmas

Are you anxious about making extra money fast for Christmas? The internet can help. Christmas can certainly be a stressful time for families who don’t have much extra money for Christmas presents. I wrote an article for Momphabet Soup about the topic recently for writers and it is getting a lot of traffic so it inspired some more advice for those looking for more work at home ideas. I know you don’t want to be scammed and you don’t want to waste your time so here’s some solid advice:

Here are a few ideas for things you can do with your computer to bring in some fast money, maybe even in time for Christmas shopping:

  • Paid Answer Sites. You can get paid to answer questions. Some of these sites pay via Google Adsense so you might not have the money before Christmas but they could help you have money by January / February for paying off those credit card bills.
  • Work on CloudCrowd. Facebook has an application called CloudCrowd where you can get paid daily via Paypal doing rewrites, categorizing websites, reviewing other people’s work, etc.
  • Sell stuff on eBay, Kijiji, or Craigslist. You can sell items in your garage / attic, shop thrift stores and yard sales, for finds that people might be interested in, start a basket business, or start a wholesale business you can set up on eBay. Many businesses will let you set up a dropship account and do all the shipping for you when you set up a virtual ebay store or niche website and if you don’t want to sell something online, you can use the internet to help you advertise locally. Do be careful about meeting anyone who responds to a classified ad!
  • Sell products on Clickbank. Once you meet their distribution agreement, Clickbank pays bi-weekly. If you don’t know much about Clickbank, it’s not the fastest way to make money but it’s a very lucrative proposition so consider using it for your ‘get out of debt‘ resolution in the new year.
  • Make Christmas money article writing. Many sites and individuals will pay you to write. Demand Studios pays twice weekly, Textbroker pays 2x monthly, and you can earn money online fast at Elance. Askables is also in the midst of rolling out a writer’s compensation plan but in the meantime you can make Adsense revenue there. You can also sell articles on job sites and write for passive income article sharing sites like HubPages, Squidoo, eHow, Xomba, SheToldMe, InfoBarrel, Bukisa
  • With an Elance bidding account, you can do various things to get paid online. Payments occur at varying times depending on how you bid (even instantly or in advance) for online articles, admin and data entry work, programming, sales and marketing, etc. Elance is an online job site and can transfer money via transfer, PayPal, Elance debit card, or by mailing a check.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of online money making opportunities but there are a few suggestions here to help you get going. If you have suggestions or ideas that have been successful for you, feel free to share them here!

Internet Marketing Without Money

The book No Money Marketing was written by me and Matthew Bredel. If you’d like to read it, you can get a free copy (value $97) through joining Tru-Guru, Matt’s subscription-based program that teaches people to become true online marketing gurus. (He’s offering a special now for $4.95 for a 30 day membership)
Those who buy a membership to Tru-Guru get several free bonuses and one of them is this book that’s filled with ideas of how to make money on the internet without an initial investment. Of course you’ll have paid the small subscription fee to get the free book but I do assure you, there are a lot of great ideas in there and the Tru-Guru subscription can be cancelled at any time (plus offers a money back guarantee).

Learning to make money online

Some people look for work at home jobs to make extra money. But many of them soon realize that there is a huge potential for a home-based business that you’re the boss of instead. Instead of working for someone else, you could start several different types of online businesses such as: affiliate marketing biz, creating an online dropshipping store, to create and market your own products, and more.

The most important aspect of searching for income opportunities on the web is research and Matthew Bredel has bundled several years of trial, error, research, and great results into his informative products.

Check out his free SEO Exciter Series to get a free sampling of his helpful teaching style when he shows you more than the basics of how he uses organic search engine optimization techniques to dominate the search engines in his niche (bringing him traffic and profit!).

I’d love your feedback on what you think of the book and the Tru-Guru program.

Cheers to your online success!


Passive Income: The Key To The Perfect WAH Life

Working it home can sometimes be a job that requires double shifts. When you’re working for yourself, though, you’re typically not anxious to clock out for the day because you often LOVE what you do and find it exciting. The key to a great work at home life is balance between work time and personal time and a great way to have more time without sacrificing earnings is passive income.

Passive income means that you don’t have to work for every penny you get. You can set up a work at home business that makes you money while you sleep. That may sound like a sales pitch but it’s a reality for many smart business people. A bit of work is done now but instead of just being paid once, you get residuals. Here are some examples of online passive income opportunities:

Affiliate Marketing

Help other people sell products and they’ll pay you a commission. You don’t have to handle products or money, you just direct people to a place where the product owner does the selling. Here’s an example of a program that can teach you how to do affiliate marketing.

Write Articles for Revenue Sharing

A lot of big sites make money from advertising and they are hungry for fresh content so will share the revenue they earn with people that write those articles. Sites like eHow and Bukisa pay you and sites like Bukisa pay you when you sign other people up by sharing revenue from that writer with you as well.

Online Stores

When you set up an online store, you can do it so that you never have to handle a product. This is called drop shipping and there are dozens and dozens of wholesalers that will supply customers with products and pay you a commission because your ‘online store’ generated the sale. There are easy templates available to help you build a store and a professional looking one at that without you ever having to worry about lack of technical skills. You can set up an eBay store or a store on your own website easily.


The foreign exchange market now offers a lot of software programs that can run on autopilot for you so that you can make money on the exchange of foreign currency despite knowledge or services of a broker. Because currency fluctuations happen so regularly, there’s a great opportunity for people who know when to buy and when to sell. The dividends can really add up. It takes a lot of know-how to know just when to do that though so this hasn’t traditionally been a passive type of income program. But today, there are Forex robots available that run and manage your account for you so that you don’t have to set up brokers and pay brokerage fees. The software does all the trading and earns you money. There’s a lot of money to be made here but it requires an initial investment for the software and your trading account opening balance. Learn more about FAP robots here or watch the FAP video on the WAH Blog about page.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make income at home without sacrificing every waking moment. Only you can decide which opportunity is right for you but the most successful work at home professionals tend to have multiple streams of passive income.

Get Paid To Read E-Mails: A Moral Dilemma?

If you’re looking at ways to make some money online, you’re probably going to come across programs that offer you money to surf the web or read e-mails. Today’s post will explain how this works and will tell you why you might choose to avoid these types of jobs.

Why Would Someone Pay You To Surf?

When faced with an online business opportunity, the first question you should ask yourself is, “What’s in it for them?” Understanding the motive of a potential client or employer is important in helping you determine if the job opportunity is right for you. Many people who accept paid to read email type job offers don’t really know that the job typically entails stealing from advertisers. Let me explain.

Online Pay Per Click Advertising and Click Fraud

In most instances where someone is paying you to click a link or view a webpage, they’re taking advantage of pay per click advertising. For every dollar they earn, they might pay you a penny. In a program such as Google Adsense, advertisers pay a specific amount of money to have their ads displayed to potential clients. The advertiser pays Google a portion for each click and sometimes for a page impression as well. Google will pay some of that money to publishers of sites that show advertisements. When you join a PTR program and you are paid to view a webpage and / or to click on a link for something you’re really not interested in buying, you’re costing a company advertising money. Many of these advertisers aren’t just big companies with deep pockets. Some of those advertisers are entrepreneurs just like you who are trying to earn money online.

Very often, a paid to surf or paid to read e-mail job will pay you a penny or fraction of a penny for you to open an e-mail, click a link and view a website. Sometimes you’ll be encouraged to click an ad. Sometimes you’ll just need to view the page for 30 seconds. Many of them also take advantage of affiliate programs that pay for job leads. If a program pays $1 for every referral and you pretend to be a referral the program manager might share their commission with youAutosurfing is something you might consider running on your computer to earn a few extra dollars a day but in reality, it’s a lot like watching illegal cable. It might seem harmless but it truly is theft.

Also, a lot of the companies out there that run these programs don’t last very long. . By the nature of their unethical business they are not very trustworthy people and that should tell you something as well. Many of these sites won’t pay out to their members until a high dollar amount is hit. This demonstrates to many that they are hoping you’ll never hit payout and then they don’t need to pay you at all.

You’ll probably find some people saying they’re making money with this method and have never been ‘stiffed’ by someone running one of these programs. This may be true but after understanding how much of this money is derived, do you still feel good about this type of job?

The more scams and cheats out there, the more difficult it is to make money on the internet because companies that host revenue sharing opportunities are on the lookout for click fraud and will eventually disable accounts of people that are caught. Not only could you be stealing from advertisers but just before you hit that magical payout number, the program manager who’s supposed to pay you could have their accounts banned and forfeit their earnings.

There are a lot of honest ways to make an online income. This blog aims to present you with many of those options.

Tips To Make Extra Money For Christmas

f you’re just taking the plunge into working at home and are desperate for ways to make some quick money for the Christmas season, here are some helpful tips for you. This is by no means an exhaustive list of online money making options but for those looking to get started quickly to get some income flowing, these tips can help.

  1. Sell some items on eBay. There is a wealth of information on the eBay site that’ll enable you to get started.
  2. If you can write, start writing how-to articles for sites like Bukisa and eHow. These sites share revenue with you and some writers on ehow, for instance make over $900 a month in residuals. You may or may not hit payout in time for Christmas but if you start straight away you could at the very least have earned some funds before those first 2009 credit card bills come in.
  3. If you can write, you may visit an online webmaster forum and look in the classifieds section to find pay per post jobs as well as people looking for virtual assistants.
  4. Open your own online niche store. If you get started in November or early December you could cater to the hungry Christmas market.
  5. Join a job bidding site like Elance where you can make money selling your services which could include writing, translation, technical or virtual assistant services.

Make Money Writing Articles for Bukisa

Check out Bukisa. It’s another revenue-sharing earning program. I already write for their ArticlesBase website so already know that this company knows how to promote and monetize their site. They also have lighting fast response times to support issues which is important. I joined another article site lately and their support sucked so I haven’t bothered to go back.

Anyway, this site looks to have great potential and a multi-level referral program which makes the money making potential pot even sweeter. Check it out

Make Money Writing How-To Articles At HowHub

Interested in getting paid to write how-to articles? Like eHow, HowHub is willing to share advertising revenue with writers willing to write how-to articles. If you join HowHub, you can make 50% of Adsense earnings. Your Adsense publisher ID is used directly in your profile and you can upload as many how-to articles as you’d like. HowHub has publishing guidelines and they do check all articles before they go live.

Will this be a big moneymaker such as eHow? Hard to say but How-To’s are a HOT niche and trend as more and more people look to the Internet in order to do it themselves.

My Opinion:

Making multiple streams of passive income is a great way to make money online from home and a site like this could net you earnings months after you’ve taken the time to write the article. It doesn’t hurt to join the site and try it for a while to see if you make any money at it. If it doesn’t pan out, you can continue writing for sites like eHow, HubPages, Squidoo or do your own ad-driven content websites.

If you’d like to join HubHow, click here

MLM Programs Online – Are They Worthwhile?

MLM programs are multi level marketing programs. If you’re at all familiar with Amway, this is a common example. In a MLM program, you pay to get into a program and the person on the ladder above you receives a commission based on everything you do. For everything you sell, you get a commission and the person above you in the ladder does as well.

There are many MLM companies that want to sign up telecommuters who want an online income. Very often they want you to sell products from your home. There are many affiliate marketing and multi level marketing programs out there that you can work at. This market can be difficult to break into and you can find yourself fighting to make money with MLM. If you’re interested in online marketing, there are a lot of resources to help you.\

Internet marketing is a booming industry where you sell products online instead of the traditional multilevel marketing from home.

To learn to break into this area, you can find:

  • free reports
  • ebooks for sale
  • free membership sites
  • premium membership sites
  • mentoring programs
  • product review sites
  • online marketing forums

Look before you leap! Read testimonials and look for reviews from multiple sources, if possible. Look for a money back guarantee and if buying through a program with PayPal or ClickBank you can have a bit more comfort knowing your purchase is protected.