How Can You Make Money With Google Adsense?

Google Adsense shares ad revenue with publishers. This is a great opportunity for those that want to work at home part-time or even full time. The more publishing you do with Google ads on the page, the more money you can make online.You can sign up to be a Google publisher and make money from Google by utilising Adsense in many ways.

Here are some Google Adsense tips:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Join passive income sites
  3. Post on forums


Bloggers can add Google Adsense code to their websites. By doing this, you can earn revenue when people visit your blog. Join a blog network and you’ll share revenue. Start your own blog and you’ll earn 100% of revenue made on that blog. Even a blog (which is free to start) can make you money.

Passive Income

Many sites exist that allow you to share in their income. By contributing, through writing articles, you can earn revenue on an ongoing basis. Sites like Bukisa, InfoBarrel, HubPages, and Askables all have such programs.

Forum Posting

Some forums even share Google revenue as well. For every thread you start, you’ll earn a % of the revenue on that page. In this situation your Google publisher ID is put into your Control Panel.

One of the greatest things about publishing for Google Adsense revenue is that you can publish something once and earn from it indefinitely. There are techniques you can use to drive traffic to your pages as well and this can enhance the earning opportunities. Do some keyword research and you’ll make even more money because you can research the high paying keywords out there and that can increase your income.

How much can you make on Google Adsense?

The sky is the limit with Google earnings. You do need to be very careful that you follow their publisher guidelines otherwise you can get tossed out of the programme and have to forfeit your earnings. Google doesn’t divulge their earning formula so that they can keep the programme honest.

How do you get paid?

Google Adsense pays publishers monthly. For every month that you reach $100+ USD, you’ll get paid in the following month. You can be paid via a cheque in the mail or through direct bank deposit.)

Success Tips:

Post regularly, check your stats so you can analyze where your money is coming from, be sure to create valuable pages, and do keyword research.

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Use Free Blogs to Make Money Online

Can you make money with free blogs? You betcha! Here are some ways and blogs that you can use:


A blogspot blog is almost as useful as a blog on your own domain. It’s easily customizable and you can add widgets and monetization tools as well as ads and banners that can make you money through: ad displays, ad networks, paid links, affiliate links, and paid to blog posts. You can even make it look like an online store.


While doesn’t let you put ads, you can use it like a link building tool as well as to showcase your professional services. Many use blogs to direct traffic elsewhere and as an online resume / portfolio

Blog Networks

There are blog networks like that are free to join and pay you $2.00 per 1000 page views as well as commission on revenue-sharing programs.

A blog like the one at the Inspired Author community lets you monetize your blog individually plus promotes your blog and your articles for you on your main page. This is a great spot for writers and those who want to get paid to write articles.

(Check out this article on why you should blog at Inspired Author)

While starting your own blog is inexpensive and easy (and very effective as a monetization and SEO tool) there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also take advantage of the many free blog platforms and networks that are out there. Making money online is something that can be done by many methods and the more streams of income you can develop, the better you’ll be able to do!

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

There are a lot of people who blog today to supplement their income. Some make money and some do not. Some even replace their day jobs! Here’s a look at several ways you can make money by blogging:

  • Google Adsense ads. Contextual advertisements can help you get paid
  • Banner advertising. You may get paid a fee for placing banners on your site
  • Contextual links. Some sites pay bloggers for inserting anchored text links that point to their client’s site
  • Affiliate marketing. You can add ads to your site that point to online shops, information products, and more. The advertiser will pay you a commission rate for every piece you sell.
  • Add an online store to your sidebar
  • Do ghostblogging for companies on their corporate blogs

There are blog networks like that will pay you a fee per # of page impressions because they run their own revenue earning programs, and blog networks that pay you a percentage of earnings as well.

If you want to get started, a great way to go is to open a Today, WordPress, or Blogger blog and get acquainted with how easy it is to blog. Then read up on various monetization strategies (a popular guide is Atomic Blogging 3.0 ) and then consider buying your own domain and then registering your own blog.

3 Ways To GetPaid To Blog

There’s a lot that can be said about getting paid to blog. So here at The WAH Blog, we’ll be approaching paid blogging often.

Here are 3 ways to get paid to blog:

You can open a free blog and put Google Adsense on it.

You can also get paid to post on your blog from other sites like PayPerPost, Blogitive and Blogsvertise or as a professional ghostblogger.

You can use your blog for affiliate marketing advertisements through companies like PepperJam and Commission Junction.

You can start your own blog on your own domain or you can sign up with Google’s Blogger or WordPress. Whatever you choose to do, there are loads of free resources on learning to get paid to blog. It can be fun and it can be a profitable and flexible wah job.

WAH Blog Job Lead – is hiring VIP bloggers. You can pick your subject and get paid to post every day. On a monthly basis they evaluate your blog and can increase or decrease your per-post rate based on your blog’s performance and potential. They pay monthly via Paypal and are a great network with contests, prizes and freebies.

Paid blogging can be done on your own or in a blog network and you can also do ghostblogging as well. Many companies will pay you to blog on their site. Blogging is great fun and can be great for boosting your website’s exposure online. Monetizing your blog is something you can do if you do the blogging yoruself and if you’re on a network, the network will monetize the blog for you.

Happy Blogging!

Getting Paid To Blog

There’s a lot that can be said about paid blogging. Some people blog as a hobby and others make full time incomes blogging and ghostblogging. If you’re a good writer and find a great subject, you can make money blogging. Even if you just want an online home, you can use your blog as a wee soapbox about something you enjoy or are passionate about and can make some income while you’re at it.

There are paid to blog companies that will pay you to put posts on your blog with a link to their client’s website. Blogging helps companies get search engine rankings which can bring them more traffic so they might be willing to pay from $5 to $25 just for a paragraph.

There are also blogging networks that will give you profit sharing or pay per post to blog for them.

And, you can start your own blog by blogging with Blogger or WordPress and make money that way as well as the best way which is to buy your own domain and create your own blog.

Here are some great resources to help you get started: Free advice about blogging free blogs

Review Me – Write Reviews for Cash!

Blogging To The Bank

Blogsvertise Write blog entries and get paid monthly Join the VIP program and make money per post plus profit sharing
Once you have a blog there are many ways to monetize it through affiliate marketing and through Google Adsense. You can join Adsense and capitalize by earning from your blog or website.

As the owner of many blogs and several that are making me regular money, I can tell you that the best way to ensure you make money blogging is to create multiple ways your blog can earn money. I’ll be writing more on this subject in the future so feel free to subscribe to this blog so you can get money making information delivered to your inbox.