How to run a successful email marketing campaign

Great brands use a lot of methods to represent their products to the consumers. In order to reach out to their potential clients, they often promote their product and various benefits through an email campaign. However, with billions of emails sent and received within a day, it is evident that email marketing campaign is quite a challenge. Don’t be spooked, nothing is lost yet. This article will give you a detailed explanation on how to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Create a compelling copy

If you are trying to sell a product, your copy should be as attention-grabbing and promising. Consumers receiving a lot of emails on a daily basis is a commonplace. The marketing email you send them needs to change the inbox. An engaging content should help, given that consumers don’t fail to express their annoyance when receiving so many emails.
The best way to achieve this is to find a team of copywriters that is familiar with your niche and brand. Experienced copywriters know the best methods of reaching out to your audience and turning them into your market.

A short, engaging, and accurate copy will resonate with your audience. Furthermore, personalization of the email should win you few more points. Consumers tend to contact people in charge to get a more precise info.

Choose a good email marketing software

To better increase your deliverability rates and also to product quality email templates the use of an email marketing software system is recommended. There are many on the market today and offer a wide range of features including template builder, campaign stats and analytics, open rates, list management, automation such as autoresponders and much more. If you are not sure which email marketing software is best for your next campaign take a look at this comparison of the best Australian email marketing software.

Catch their attention with the professional design

Of course, an expert-level copy is essential towards generating a bigger market. However, surrounded by a bunch of generic emails, the potential clients won’t just read a copy that looks and feels vague.
Unfortunately, many people take this lightly and take unreasonable steps in decorating their emails. Your email has less chance of efficiency if it screams ‘look at me’ while resembling a Christmas tree.
Make sure that the design of your email is simple yet recognizable. The products will be much more exposed if you discreetly point them out instead of flattering the design of your emails with cheap filters.
These emails serve to reach out to your consumers. They should be nowhere near poorly written and their design should be as convincing as these products. Make sure that the products with ease become the center focus of the emails.

Provide them with a clear call-to-action

Emails to promote your products are nothing without a catching call-to-action (CTA). This is why it needs to be short, yet powerful enough to engage even the coldest hearts. Make sure to add a sweet CTA button which will inspire the consumers to click it and read it.

With a concise and suggestive email, the consumer should also feel emotionally encouraged to read the call-to-action. Furthermore, the email should instill the curiosity towards the product. Make sure to keep the lines short yet intriguing enough for your potential client to move towards your site.

A subject line that converts

No matter how much you invest in great copywriters, in creative designers, and catchy call-to-action, it is irrelevant unless the subject line is enough powerful to preserve the email from the trash can.
If that happens, then all your hard work is in vain. This doesn’t mean that you have to trick consumers into reading with a click bait line. However, we warmly recommend the wit. Nothing spices up the reader like a line with the decent dose of humor. If you want the subject line to seem more polite, add mystery to tackle their curiosity. Good subject lines result in an email being read and recognized, but great subject line results in a valuable sales pitch.

Think about this from the position of a consumer. Would you like what you see? Would it interest you? In that case, you need to get more creative.

AB test it

Before you launch your email marketing campaign, it won’t hurt to test it for results, as you don’t want it to result in a failure. A/B testing is a powerful method which determines whether are the emails you send effective at all.

If you correspond with a larger budget you can create three email layouts and share them with a number of people you think it is appropriate. The most common layouts are two different types of emails which are sent towards different groups of people. Focusing on subject lines will further determine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign before its’ even started.

After you sent the emails to the different groups of people, you keep an eye on metric in order to find out who scored better. This overview will also help you determine the additional improvements you can apply to your email campaign


These are the basic steps businesses take to promote their brand, products, and gather a loyal audience which later turns into the market. What methods do you take to spice up your email marketing campaign?