Sell Water Hybrid Kits Online

One of the latest money making opportunities I’ve found is the car hybrid kits you can purchase online. Because the kit is not copyrighted you can buy the kit and make money from this yourself. Not only can you save money on gas but you can sell the kit to others, earning a decent work at home income. How it works:

Learn About Running Your Car On Water

The run your car on water kit is available from many sources and you can purchase it and save money by using a mason jar of water in a special kit in your own car that allows you to cut your gas consumption by about 40%. Then, because you now have the information on how to do this, you can use it to do several things:

  1. Put together hybrid car kits and sell them
  2. Sell the information in your own e-book
  3. Install the kits

You can capitalize on this locally and online. Either be an affiliate for the existing water 4 gas program or make your own program and sell it on the internet.

This work at home option offers extensive options for making money online. Again, you can save money on gas when you buy the information and build it yourself, you can sell this information in an affiliate program and you can even sell the kits or perform the hybrid conversion.

Several programs are available including:

gas for free


water 4 gas

Why Are There So Many Work At Home Scams?

Work at home ads are a dime a dozen and many of them are work at home scams. You’ll see stuffing envelopes or MLM advertisements offline and online trying to get you to send money for information or to buy into a mlm catalogue scheme. The reason why there are so many wah scams is that there are people that fall for it so the snake oil salesmen keep trying to sell their wares.

Seems so unfair that people are preying on people who are already desperate to raise their income. Not all programs are scams but it takes a discerning eye to find the ones that are legit.

When you decide you want to get into a wahm or wah program, research the company and think twice and think hard before you spend money to join a program. There are guides for a fee that will give you secrets and resources and these can be safe if they’re established and offer a money back guarantee. What you might want to stay away from are the programs that don’t give you a guarantee and that promise quick schemes to get rich. GEt rich quick isn’t likely in the online world. You can get rich but you’ll need to take the time to do some research, learning and put in some effort.

In summary, carefully research any work at home plans or programs that will cost you money. There are some that are worthy but there are also wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

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Who Is The Rich Jerk and Why Is He So Jerky?

The Rich Jerk is an affiliate marketer who is selling his secrets for dirt cheap. His gimmick is that he’s now wealthy enough to be able to be ultra cocky. His program is cheap and compared to many other programs very worthwhile. For less than $10, people can learn to create their own online business and at the moment he’s even doing websites and support for that price. It’s a price that’s hard to beat considering many programs out there cost $99 to buy into and don’t include the bonus extras or the one on one support the Rich guy provides. He even takes PayPal so pretty much anyone can buy into this program that is guaranteed for 60 days or your money back!

The man behind the program was a child actor and he’s now a self made man with scads of residual income coming in from his internet marketing efforts. Not only does he claim that for $9.95 you can change your life but his bonuses are pretty convincing! You get a fully functional website that is worth a few hundred dollars to have built by a pro.

Does He Need To Act Like Such An A-Hole?

Check out The Rich Jerk’s pitch page. Talk about cocky! Sure sounds like he’s made money though…