How Do You Find A Work at Home Job?

Querying the internet for real and legitimate work at home job leads can produce results that can confuse anyone. How do you find a real job opportunity for something that can pay you to do work from home? How to do you dodge the scams that are rampant on the net? Should you ever pay for information or pay to work for a company? There is a lot of information out there. Here are some basic tips for finding a work at home job:

Researching Work at Home Job Opportunities

Research a lot! Don’t jump into something quickly, rather check out various opportunities from more than a single source so you can be sure that no one is out there warning people against a scam. If someone is touting themselves as a guru to try to get you to buy their book or join their website, do some research on that individual as well.


A lot of review sites exist that talk about what’s hot and what’s not in terms of learning programs you have to buy into. If you’re looking to start your own home based business that’s a bit different than simply working from your house for someone else so be sure you understand what you’re about to invest in.

Paying For Jobs

A company that wants to hire you should never charge you but a company that can show you how to create your own online income may charge you for that knowledge, coaching, and mentoring. Some teaching institutions can teach you how to launch a home based income opportunity as well but it’s important to choose an online school wisely and be sure they’re accredited as well as find out what % of graduates actually achieve the results that school promised.

Telecommuting, Job Lead, and Industry Specific Community Forums

There are a lot of places where people gather online to share knowledge about various topics and WAH is one of them. There are work at home Mom forums, work at home Dad forums, telecommuting forums that exist regardless of whether you’re a parent or not, and plenty of professional organisations online as well. Joining these is often free and can help you get information and ask questions.

WAH Job Lead Sites
There are a lot of work at home job lead sites out there that share job leads and tips. Subscribe to a few so you can have news about this industry sent to your e-mail box. Subscribe to this blog here for instance: The WAH Blog – Work at Home Tips. There are also plenty of classified sites that offer telecommuting job postings as well.

Informed Decisions

The most important thing you can do is to make sure you embark on any new opportunity with your eyes wide open and because there is such a vast amount of information available online, it’s easy to get dazed and confused and overwhelmed. If you take your time researching opportunities and take advantage of the many online resources that exist for those who want to develop internet businesses or find a work at home job, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Why Are There So Many Work At Home Scams?

Work at home ads are a dime a dozen and many of them are work at home scams. You’ll see stuffing envelopes or MLM advertisements offline and online trying to get you to send money for information or to buy into a mlm catalogue scheme. The reason why there are so many wah scams is that there are people that fall for it so the snake oil salesmen keep trying to sell their wares.

Seems so unfair that people are preying on people who are already desperate to raise their income. Not all programs are scams but it takes a discerning eye to find the ones that are legit.

When you decide you want to get into a wahm or wah program, research the company and think twice and think hard before you spend money to join a program. There are guides for a fee that will give you secrets and resources and these can be safe if they’re established and offer a money back guarantee. What you might want to stay away from are the programs that don’t give you a guarantee and that promise quick schemes to get rich. GEt rich quick isn’t likely in the online world. You can get rich but you’ll need to take the time to do some research, learning and put in some effort.

In summary, carefully research any work at home plans or programs that will cost you money. There are some that are worthy but there are also wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

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