Make Money Writing Articles for Bukisa

Check out Bukisa. It’s another revenue-sharing earning program. I already write for their ArticlesBase website so already know that this company knows how to promote and monetize their site. They also have lighting fast response times to support issues which is important. I joined another article site lately and their support sucked so I haven’t bothered to go back.

Anyway, this site looks to have great potential and a multi-level referral program which makes the money making potential pot even sweeter. Check it out

Work At Home Job Lead: Help Desk Jobs

WAH Help Desk Job lead: If you’re looking for a tech support help desk support work at home job, consider applying to a company like Telvisio. Many jobs like these pay telecommuters for the time they’re on the phone. If you’ve got experience with this company, feel free to comment below about how you enjoy working for them.

Help desk jobs operate all over the world 24/7 and are often great paying if you’ve got experience and a good broadband connection.

Help Desk Telecommuting Tip:

Why work as a telecommuter in the tech support field? This is a flexible type of job that often has many shifts available. You could conceivably have flexible hours with the ability to put in a lot of overtime hours. Saving money on commuting and dry cleaning could make this a great option.

Most people who have small children underfoot wouldn’t find this to be the right type of job since you cannot have background noise unless you have a door you can close and in-house childcare.

This job lead not verified, researched or qualified by the wah blog. Apply at your own discretion.

Work At Home Job Lead: Telephone Interviewer Jobs

If you want to be paid piece work for interviewing on the phone, you can find these types of jobs that offer you positions calling people with interviews about consumer product use, election polling, etc.

These jobs typically require you to pay for your own long distance calls but many online calling plans can be purchased with unlimited calls through your long distance company or VOIP provider.

Public Opinion Research, Inc is a company that regularly hires work at home phone interviewers. You can apply here at work at home phone interviewer jobs.

This job lead is not researched or qualified by The WAH Blog. Apply at your own discretion.

Make Money Writing How-To Articles At HowHub

Interested in getting paid to write how-to articles? Like eHow, HowHub is willing to share advertising revenue with writers willing to write how-to articles. If you join HowHub, you can make 50% of Adsense earnings. Your Adsense publisher ID is used directly in your profile and you can upload as many how-to articles as you’d like. HowHub has publishing guidelines and they do check all articles before they go live.

Will this be a big moneymaker such as eHow? Hard to say but How-To’s are a HOT niche and trend as more and more people look to the Internet in order to do it themselves.

My Opinion:

Making multiple streams of passive income is a great way to make money online from home and a site like this could net you earnings months after you’ve taken the time to write the article. It doesn’t hurt to join the site and try it for a while to see if you make any money at it. If it doesn’t pan out, you can continue writing for sites like eHow, HubPages, Squidoo or do your own ad-driven content websites.

If you’d like to join HubHow, click here