Get Paid to Answer Questions

Quite a few sites want to offer people the ability to purchase knowledge and if you want to work at home, you could be answering questions for pay. People can buy answers online, they can view some of them for free, and they can get answers on their mobile phone, too.

If you’re looking to work at home and like doing online research, this could be something lucrative and enjoyable for you. Some sites offer revenue share and some offer paid services. Do beware that some places only offer pay if a customer is satisfied with your question.

Should you do a per question answering job or a revenue share option?

Up front pay might be what you’re looking for but be aware that revenue share options could result in passive income and might amount to more money over time.

Several Paid Question Answering Options:


If you’re looking for a part-time work at home gig, consider joining

Weegy pays about $0.20 USD per answer. You get paid via PayPal when your account hits $20.

WebAnswers pays with revenue-sharing. You can ask and answer questions. You get paid directly via Google Adsense so need your own account. There’s no guarantee with revenue sharing but it can have more long term earning potential if your answer is popular.

ChaCha is a popular choice and is said to pay ChaCha Guides between $3-9/hr for answering questions.


JustAnswer offers a variety of paid questions for various rates and pays via PayPal.


Answergem pays $9-$45 per answer. There are several levels of expert and clients can also pay to see archived answers so you can receive passive income here as well.

Askables is one to watch. They currently offer revenue sharing for those posting articles and points system for those answering questions. High points = more revenue share on your account. The site is also planning to roll out paid expert services as well in the near future.

Many won’t work full time answering questions from home but find it to be a nice sideline for a part time work at home job.

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How to Become a Paid Askables Expert

Askables is a site that people can go to for information and it’s a great ehow alternative for writers who want another passive income stream. There are articles published and there is a place for questions and answers. Beyond using the site for information, you can also use it as a source of online income. Askables is currently accepting experts and top experts. They accept international writers (instead of just US-based such as eHow and Firehow), and offer more than one way to earn money writing.

Benefits of Being an Askable Expert

Askables has a revenue share programme that allows you to either submit your Google Adsense ID and share revenue for your articles, or, you can even have the site track your Adsense income and pay you for it via PayPal. Your articles could become profitable if they get a lot of traffic to them.

But if you’re interested in participating in the site regularly, you can earn even more money because there are two categories of site participation that could net you a per-article rate of either $5.00 per article or $15 per article. If you participate regularly and write high-quality and original articles, the site could earn you actively and passively.

Learn more by visiting Askables and navigating to the “Hey Bloggers” cloud. By meeting point requirements, you could either earn $5 per article or $15 per article plus earn passively forever and ever. Not bad!

Passive Writing Income Alternatives to the eHow WCP

Sadly for many, the eHow writer’s compensation program still won’t let anyone from outside the US in. So, Canadians, those in the UK/Europe, Australia, NZ, etc don’t get to put up our articles for passive income. We can participate in eHow for article marketing or to create samples but that’s about it. Hearing about how some US writers are making $900+ a month passively on their eHow articles leaves non-Americans drooling. So, here are some alternatives for you:


Askables offers a writer’s compensation program where writers earn a % of their Google Adsense earnings and they can also earn additional money by being a regular contributor. The site has a great look/feel. Here’s more info about the Askables experts program: passive writing @ Askables.

Check out Askables on Twitter or the Askables Facebook group (join before end of October and you could win an iPhone. Askables will take original content and will also take re-prints. Originals are preferable and could result in more earnings.


InfoBarrel’s passive article writing program shares Google Adsense revenue. If you sign others up under your account, you’ll also earn a % of their page views which could translate to earnings. InfoBarrel wants unique content.


HubPages is a site that gets great traffic and that has a good reputation for solid Google Adsense income. The site has a great community as well. Hubs should be original and links should be kept to a minimum. Hubs look professional with various features such as video and RSS feeds ( I’m a writer and even offer a HubPages writing service as a professional service for my clients so there’s another income stream!).

Why not just put articles on your own site?

You should definitely look at creating your own sites rich with content and information. They can earn you 100% of page views instead of a smaller percent and you have more creative freedom. But participating in passive article writing programs allows you to diversify and benefit from the traffic that these larger and more established sites get. It can take a while to build up your own traffic. Why not do both? Many who want article writing income will do a combination of the above and see where they get the most return on their time investment. My next post will look at ways to come up with ideas for your passive article writing efforts.

Happy Writing!

Passive Income Find of the Week – Askables

I’ve decided to try to do a weekly (or thereabouts) series on specific work at home income opportunities and Askables is the one I’m going to kick off the series with. I love passive income sites. I put an article on one in 2006 and it has been making me money steadily ever since. I’ve probably earned $20+ a month almost every month ever since for one little article. Of course, it’s not always going to work out that well but if your article catches attention of search engines and people help spread the word virally, it could be great.

Take a look at the Askables Writing Plan. You have the opportunity to make passive income through a Google Adsense revenue sharing plan plus if you’re a regular contributor and attain and maintain the listed points, you could earn a payment per article as well.

An eHow WCP Alternative?

I know a writer making over $1,000 a month passively through ehow and many Canadian, UK, Au, and NZ writers are anxious to get in on the action. eHow has yet (despite my contacting them several times) to advise when they’ll open up their passive income program outside their borders. I wonder if Askables could become the international answer to eHow since eHow only pays writers in the USA. Let’s hope! The site isn’t very old but definitely looks to have potential.

How can you make money on Askables?

Start posting articles. Write great articles and then link to them from your blog, from social marketing sites, and web 2.0 pages like HubPages and Squidoo. If you write well and write interesting articles, you could start to see the revenue trickle in. Don’t forget to set up a URL channel on your Adsense reports so you can see how much revenue is coming from Askables. Then you’ll be able to see which niches and keywords are profitable. Happy Earning!