Passive Writing Income Alternatives to the eHow WCP

Sadly for many, the eHow writer’s compensation program still won’t let anyone from outside the US in. So, Canadians, those in the UK/Europe, Australia, NZ, etc don’t get to put up our articles for passive income. We can participate in eHow for article marketing or to create samples but that’s about it. Hearing about how some US writers are making $900+ a month passively on their eHow articles leaves non-Americans drooling. So, here are some alternatives for you:


Askables offers a writer’s compensation program where writers earn a % of their Google Adsense earnings and they can also earn additional money by being a regular contributor. The site has a great look/feel. Here’s more info about the Askables experts program: passive writing @ Askables.

Check out Askables on Twitter or the Askables Facebook group (join before end of October and you could win an iPhone. Askables will take original content and will also take re-prints. Originals are preferable and could result in more earnings.


InfoBarrel’s passive article writing program shares Google Adsense revenue. If you sign others up under your account, you’ll also earn a % of their page views which could translate to earnings. InfoBarrel wants unique content.


HubPages is a site that gets great traffic and that has a good reputation for solid Google Adsense income. The site has a great community as well. Hubs should be original and links should be kept to a minimum. Hubs look professional with various features such as video and RSS feeds ( I’m a writer and even offer a HubPages writing service as a professional service for my clients so there’s another income stream!).

Why not just put articles on your own site?

You should definitely look at creating your own sites rich with content and information. They can earn you 100% of page views instead of a smaller percent and you have more creative freedom. But participating in passive article writing programs allows you to diversify and benefit from the traffic that these larger and more established sites get. It can take a while to build up your own traffic. Why not do both? Many who want article writing income will do a combination of the above and see where they get the most return on their time investment. My next post will look at ways to come up with ideas for your passive article writing efforts.

Happy Writing!

3 Passive Income Writing Sites

If you like to write articles, you can make some decent income at it. My friend Maria makes about $1,500 a month on eHow. I’m not in the U.S. so can’t participate in eHow yet (I’m hopeful they’ll some day change that!) but I have other programs I do participate in such as:


Bukisa wants your how to articles and videos and you’ll make $3.95 per 1000 page views. I started with this site in October and have already hit payout.


I’m still learning about Yuwie but there’s lots to do in this social community so I’m checking it out. Not only do you get paid page views for things people do on your pages but for your own pages as well. The only downside I see so far is a LOT of ads to sift through and this comes up sometimes when I want to do something so having to bypass ads is slightly annoying.


InfoBarrel is a lot like Bukisa or eHow but the site offers Adsense revenue sharing instead of per page view rates so this looks like it has the same type of potential as eHow which means you can make a lot of money. You can also see how much money you’ll make because you track it through your own Adsense account.

Making money through passive income streams works great because you can write something today that pays you indefinitely. In 2006 I wrote an article about a particular topic on a shared revenue site and it went viral and is still paying me about $30 a month via Google Adsense almost 3 years later!