Passive Income Find of the Week – Askables

I’ve decided to try to do a weekly (or thereabouts) series on specific work at home income opportunities and Askables is the one I’m going to kick off the series with. I love passive income sites. I put an article on one in 2006 and it has been making me money steadily ever since. I’ve probably earned $20+ a month almost every month ever since for one little article. Of course, it’s not always going to work out that well but if your article catches attention of search engines and people help spread the word virally, it could be great.

Take a look at the Askables Writing Plan. You have the opportunity to make passive income through a Google Adsense revenue sharing plan plus if you’re a regular contributor and attain and maintain the listed points, you could earn a payment per article as well.

An eHow WCP Alternative?

I know a writer making over $1,000 a month passively through ehow and many Canadian, UK, Au, and NZ writers are anxious to get in on the action. eHow has yet (despite my contacting them several times) to advise when they’ll open up their passive income program outside their borders. I wonder if Askables could become the international answer to eHow since eHow only pays writers in the USA. Let’s hope! The site isn’t very old but definitely looks to have potential.

How can you make money on Askables?

Start posting articles. Write great articles and then link to them from your blog, from social marketing sites, and web 2.0 pages like HubPages and Squidoo. If you write well and write interesting articles, you could start to see the revenue trickle in. Don’t forget to set up a URL channel on your Adsense reports so you can see how much revenue is coming from Askables. Then you’ll be able to see which niches and keywords are profitable. Happy Earning!

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