How Do You Make Money Blogging?

There are a lot of people who blog today to supplement their income. Some make money and some do not. Some even replace their day jobs! Here’s a look at several ways you can make money by blogging:

  • Google Adsense ads. Contextual advertisements can help you get paid
  • Banner advertising. You may get paid a fee for placing banners on your site
  • Contextual links. Some sites pay bloggers for inserting anchored text links that point to their client’s site
  • Affiliate marketing. You can add ads to your site that point to online shops, information products, and more. The advertiser will pay you a commission rate for every piece you sell.
  • Add an online store to your sidebar
  • Do ghostblogging for companies on their corporate blogs

There are blog networks like that will pay you a fee per # of page impressions because they run their own revenue earning programs, and blog networks that pay you a percentage of earnings as well.

If you want to get started, a great way to go is to open a Today, WordPress, or Blogger blog and get acquainted with how easy it is to blog. Then read up on various monetization strategies (a popular guide is Atomic Blogging 3.0 ) and then consider buying your own domain and then registering your own blog.