Internet Marketing Jobs: WAH And Be Your Own Boss

Considering a job in internet marketing? When looking at work at home jobs, you might choose to be an entrepreneur instead of work for someone else. How can you become a successful internet marketer? The secret is to learn as much as you can.

Affiliate marketing involves selling existing products online for a commission. This works really well for many people because they don’t have to inventory anything and you don’t have to do hard selling. With affiliate marketing, the seller sells the product for you; you just have to get interested buyers to their sales landing page and let them close the deal.

There is a plethora of products avialble this way and you can sell them any number of ways through ClickBank, through an affiliate network or as a direct affiliate. Even better, you can often make money on people who sign up under you as a superaffiliate selling to your downline.

There is a plethora of resources and online product reviews designed to help you find your way as well as free e-courses as well.

Here’s a list of a few available programs:

Commission BluePrint: Learn about making money from ClickBank selling ebooks.

Affiliate PayLoad: Learn some affiliate marketing secrets.

Get Google Ads Free: Maximize your money making opportunities with Google

When looking at investing in affiliate marketing it’s very wise to choose a program with a money back guarantee. Programs sold through companies like ClickBank protect buyers with guarantees and will claw back your money if you’re not completely satisfied.

Work at home success happens with determination and a desire to learn. Take advantage of every available opportunity and you could earn a full time income at home working for yourself.

Is WAH Money Free Money? Taxman Implications

Work at home income is considered taxable income so it should be claimed at tax time. If you earn an income from any source, it shoudn’t be considered tax-free. Take care of your taxes promptly to avoid being audited.

Do WAH Jobs Take Off Tax?

Some companies that pay telecommuters pay them and withdraw applicable employment taxes with you if you work directly for them but the vast majority of companies leave you to deal with your own taxes. Whether or not you get any type of W-9 or T-4, etc at tax time, you are not off the hook.

What does that mean?

It means you need to be organized if you’re making an online income from many sources. Freelance professionals should consider buying tax or accounting software that enables them to track their work invoices and their expenses.

Some work at home professionals submit quarterly reports to their government and some experienced internet professionals hire an accountant. Here are some tips:

Track Your Income and Your Expenses

  • Assign a work order # to each client you work with. You might create a system based on a software package or even on a spreadsheet with numbers you’ve assigned.
  • Keep all bank statements and note any income that came in through direct deposits, and cheques.
  • Keep track of payments received through places like PayPal or Wire transfer companies such as MoneyBookers.
  • Keep track of your expenses.

Expenses may be helpful to you at tax time as a self-employed individual so keep track of office supplies and other expenses related to your at home job.

3 Ways To GetPaid To Blog

There’s a lot that can be said about getting paid to blog. So here at The WAH Blog, we’ll be approaching paid blogging often.

Here are 3 ways to get paid to blog:

You can open a free blog and put Google Adsense on it.

You can also get paid to post on your blog from other sites like PayPerPost, Blogitive and Blogsvertise or as a professional ghostblogger.

You can use your blog for affiliate marketing advertisements through companies like PepperJam and Commission Junction.

You can start your own blog on your own domain or you can sign up with Google’s Blogger or WordPress. Whatever you choose to do, there are loads of free resources on learning to get paid to blog. It can be fun and it can be a profitable and flexible wah job.