Make Money at WebAnswers

If you like doling out advice and enjoy sites like Yahoo Answers but would like to make some cash for your efforts, WebAnswers could be a great place to supplement your income. The site is filled with questions and answers. You can ask questions and get help or you could answer questions and make money.

How WebAnswers Pays

Once you’ve either had 2 answers chosen as ‘best’, or answered 10 questions, the system will prompt you to either add a Google Adsense ID or sign up for a Google Adsense account.

WebAnswers pays you a percentage of the Google Adsense revenue for the pages in which your answer was chosen as best answer. When you’ve got the earnings on a page, it makes good sense to promote that page! Anyone who is on the page and who clicks a Google Ad could earn you money. Learn more by joining WebAnswers.

How does Google Adsense work?

You get paid per click and in some cases, per impression. Google pays you via check or direct deposit when your account exceeds $100.00. Google pays monthly. Reaching $100 in July would get you paid by the end of August.

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