Survey Cash – Opinions Wanted From Moms

Interested in earning money with surveys? Anyone can do it if they find out about the highest paying survey companies around. Market research is a vital tool for companies to make more money and their biggest target right now is women, especially Moms. Moms do a lot of the buying for their homes, their kids, themselves, their husbands and companies want their opinion so they can develop new products geared to what the average consumer wants.

Which Companies Will Pay for My Opinion?

There are a lot of companies that are geared for market research like Ipsos Reid, Pinecone and others. Not all panels are open to everyone and you can sometimes get on priority lists to get invited to surveys that pay above average. Some women who fill in surveys part-time can make enough to supplement their income nicely with very little work involved.

What do they want to know? Companies want to know:

  1. What you’re buying
  2. What’s important to you in terms of the brands you choose such as brand recognition, company culture, corporate responsibility and green living.
  3. These companies also want to know what planned upcoming purchases you might have as well.
  4. They may ask your opinion on potential advertising campaigns with logos, slogans and even want to send you free samples to try.

How much money can you make?

Some surveys will pay a few dollars and some pay the equivalent of a few hours wages. Certain market research groups that can be invitation only can pay hundreds of dollars for your opinion. Where can you find companies who want your opinion? There are a lot of them online. Some offer minimum amounts, some ask for courtesy surveys and some companies really don’t advertise for help but if you find out about a hiring campaign, you can make some excellent money.

For more information about making money with surveys, visit: – a respected organization helping people earn maximum cash from surveys with a membership that offers a money back guarantee.

5 WAHM Job Ideas

There are so many potential online jobs for you if you’re looking to do a WAHD / WAHM / telecommuting job. There are dozens more than just these so if you want more information, delve further into my blog, here.

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Virtual Assistant
  2. Affiliate Marketer
  3. Dropshipping Business
  4. Freelance Blogger
  5. Freelance Writer
  6. Virtual Assistant

Companies will pay you to work for them in many capacities. Some will pay you to be on call and others will offer freelance opportunities for things like order taking, receptionist duties, telemarketing, bookkeeping and more. There are many bidding sites and job boards where you can find these types of jobs.

Affiliate Marketer

You can buy and sell products and services online by pointing people through your site to an affiliate link. The link will generate a commission for you when someone buys your product. Internet marketing businesses can be huge earners.


You can set up wholesale stores and eBay businesses online and set up a virtual store. You don’t have to inbventory anything. When people buy from your store it ships direct to them via the wholesaler and you simply earn the commission. This can be very lucrative

Freelance Blogger

You can blog for yourself or ghostblog or ghostwrite for others. There are loads of copmanies out there that now run blogs for their websites. Many of them want people to post for them on their site. You can also post on your own website for advertising revenue.

Freelance Writer

Good with words? There are plenty of freelance writing opportunities on the web. Much like with blogging, companies will pay you to write for them for web copy and for offline content as well.

The internet provides endless wah opportunities. There are scams and there are great opportunities as well. Familiarise yourself with what’s available so you can make a decision about which area or areas to approach.

You can make a full or part time income with your computer doing all kinds of things.


Want to make spare cash? Paid Survey Info

WAH Blog Job Lead – is hiring VIP bloggers. You can pick your subject and get paid to post every day. On a monthly basis they evaluate your blog and can increase or decrease your per-post rate based on your blog’s performance and potential. They pay monthly via Paypal and are a great network with contests, prizes and freebies.

Paid blogging can be done on your own or in a blog network and you can also do ghostblogging as well. Many companies will pay you to blog on their site. Blogging is great fun and can be great for boosting your website’s exposure online. Monetizing your blog is something you can do if you do the blogging yoruself and if you’re on a network, the network will monetize the blog for you.

Happy Blogging!