Can You Make Money With Amazon MTurk?

Amazon Mturk (mechanical turk) offers the ability to make money online from home. You can make cash if you have a US bank account or transfer earnings into an Amazon gift certificate and if you’ve been to Amazon lately you’ll know you can buy just about anything on the site!

what is the Amazon Mturk program?

Human intelligence tasks, aka HITS are offered to people who are members of the program and you can make a penny to several dollars for tasks that include things like writing, answering questions, doing admin work and more.

Is the pay on Mturk good?

The pay is really low. There are article writing jobs that pay much lower than you’d earn on many content sites and there are other tasks that are priced quite low as well but the site might be worth joining if you’d like to earn a bit of money in your down time for filler pay when not much else is available. This can be a good start for those just dipping their toe into the waters of working at home because:

Positives of Amazon Mturk

-it costs $0 to join

-Amazon is a trusted company

Negatives of Amazon Mturk

The negative side of things beyond difficulty cashing out if you’re not American, is that buyers have to choose to accept your work or you don’t get paid so if you’ve accepted a $10 job to write 10 articles and the buyer doesn’t like your work, you’ve wasted your time.

Writing on spec is something experienced writers don’t typically do because without a ‘kill fee’ that you’re paid if the buyer doesn’t like your writing, you can definitely lose out. Not all the jobs are writing though as some are research related or administrative.

There are a lot of ways to make money online beyond this site. Dig through my posts and you’ll see many online job opportunities. But, Mturk could provide you with some easy opportunities and the penny and nickel gigs could add up in your spare time for some spare change. Realise that you are financially responsible to pay tax for what you earn and again, you could spend time working on a project you won’t be paid for. I’d love to hear from other MTURK hit providers to see what their experience has been.