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Forums can be a powerful tool for websites and so webmasters want people to populate them with interesting conversations. Why? Forums provide traffic in search engines to bring new people to websites and get people talking which can do several things including bring revenue to the company that’s posting through inserted advertising, etc.

There are many forums that hire paid forum posters to keep conversations moving. There are also jobs for forum moderators and forum administrators who not only post conversations and reply to conversations but who take care of managing the operations of the forum.

Where can you find forum posting jobs? If you look online, Google will provide you listings of paid to post companies. You can also advertise your own services as a paid forum poster. Many webmaster forums that provide helpful information to owners of other websites will list forum posting jobs as well in their community classifieds section. You can often find forum posting positions listed in Digital Point Forums or Site Point Forums.

How Much Does Forum Posting Pay?

Forum posting ranges from about a nickel to a dollar a post with an average of .10 to .15 in mid 2008. Many posting jobs will require that you start a specific number of new threads as well as reply to existing threads. You may be expected to do a bit of research about the discussed subject matter so you can contribute to the conversation and the person hiring you for the gig may request that your posts are a specified length.

Forum posting is often paid for via services like PayPal on a regular basis. Be cautious about overdoing it without getting paid. Most of these gigs are not large dollar values and you might not be able to get paid in advance. Agree to a specified post number that is reasonable for you for when you can expect payment and don’t go over that amount until you see the funds come in. This applies more when dealing with individual webmasters versus larger forum posting companies although you should be careful whenever dealing with a new company.

How To Be A Great Forum Poster

If you’re great at this, you can get lots of regular and enjoyable work doing it. Here are a few tips:

  • Figure out what everyone is talking about by researching the subject matter.
  • Ask open ended questions to get people posting and talking rather than answering yes or no only.
  • Don’t reveal you are a paid poster. The webmaster will want you to blend in nicely.
  • Introduce yourself to get conversations started so you’ll blend in as well.
  • Avoid flamewars. Flamewars are online debates that can get heated. It’s best to stay out of these types of conflicts when you’re being paid to post as it can cause problems and prevent you from getting further gigs.
  • Use full words instead of online slang and use keywords that relate to your subject matter in the posts to help your client with their search engine optimization. (SEO refers to their placements in the search engines which can help them get new members.)

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